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In our 2024 Fujitsu SX Survey, we surveyed 600 C-level executives across 15 countries and 11 industries to understand the progress being made globally, and identified a unique opportunity for APAC to start driving tangible outcomes on sustainability.

Key findings


APAC organizations are prioritizing sustainability initiatives, but lagging behind in achieving tangible outcomes.


Unclear ROI is hindering progress, with internal stakeholders questioning the value of sustainability investments.


Collaboration is strong, but data maturity remains low, limiting the ability to leverage data for effective sustainability efforts.

Our research reveals an advanced group of organizations who are more than four times (81%) as likely as their peers to deliver tangible benefits from their sustainability strategies. Central to their success is a mature approach to defining value.

Finding a way to new value: introducing the sustainability Change Makers


Change Makers who say they are achieving outcomes from sustainability strategies.


49% of Change Makers are using interconnected sustainability data in their partnerships with other organisations to predict scenarios and enhance decision-making, compared with just 22% of other APAC organizations.


Change Makers participate in highly collaborative ecosystems, enabling them to share resources and data, and to create shared value around sustainability.